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Tree Trimming For Your Ellijay Property

Some homeowners tend to overlook the importance of properly tended trees. When you maintain a routinely scheduled tree trimming schedule, your trees will become strong and sturdy, while improving the look and shape. Call Eldicel Painting and Staining for all your landscaping needs.

Tree Trimming Schedule

If you’re wondering how often to have your trees trimmed by your local Ellijay tree trimming techs, here are a few guidelines:

  • Type of tree
  • Age of tree
  • Size of tree
  • Health of tree

As a general rule of thumb, a mature tree usually needs a trim every 3 to 5 years. A young tree will need to be trimmed every 2 to 3 years to promote strong limb growth. If you have a fruit tree, it should be pruned yearly.

If you trim and prune your trees on a routine basis:

  • The tree will maintain the shape of your tree
  • It will allow more sunlight to reach all parts of the tree
  • Keep your home safe from falling/overgrown branches
  • Eliminates weak branches
  • Extends the life and health of your tree

Give your local Ellijay tree trimming team a call for exceptional tree trimming and make your trees stronger – and healthier.

If you would like an estimate for tree services in Ellijay or the surrounding areas of North Georgia, please call 706-972-7717 or complete our online request form.

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