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Offering a Variety of Quality Painting Services

We are a family owned and operated business, dedicated to providing total customer satisfaction to every client we work with. One of the most important things we like to stress is that there is no need for you to attempt to DIY any of these projects. Our local painting contractors can provide quality, safe and efficient results, all for a beyond reasonable rate.

Interior Painting

Creating the look and feel you want, for the inside of your house, is about the color and quality for your interior painting. There is much more to the project than just applying the paint. The process starts with a consultation to help you determine which hue is best for you.

From there, we prepare the room and the walls; repairing drywall flaws and taping off everything that shouldn't be painted. At the end of the project, you are left with a new look that you can't help but love. The work we provide you with will elevate your interior space from ordinary to extraordinary.

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Exterior Painting

exterior painting ellijay gaLet's not ignore the importance of enhancing the outside of your home, as well. A quality exterior paint job is a great way to ensure that you make a great first impression. Not to mention, this is what helps maximize your curb appeal.

In fact, quality paint work will help to increase the property value of your home. Whether you want a bold new color, or just to freshen up what you already have, let us take care of it for you.

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Wood Staining

wood staining ellijay gaIn order to protect and beautify your wood surfaces, you need professional grade wood staining services. The work we do will breathe new life into your wood surfaces and even revitalize the property value they add.

Your wood deck should be a place you and your family love spending time during warm weather. Let us create a beautiful, splinter-free space for that to happen.

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Pressure Washing

pressure washing ellijay gaImproving the look of the exterior of your home can be as simple as a thorough pressure washing, from a professional service provider. Whether the start of an exterior painting job, or on its own, you will appreciate the many benefits of this quality service. Let Eldicel Painting take care of any of these fine quality services for you.

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Cabin Restoration & Staining

cabin restoration	ellijay gaIn the beautiful North Georgia countryside, there's nothing quite like a getaway in your own personal cabin. To enjoy the time you spend in your cabin to the fullest, call the painting contractors at Eldicel Painting and Staining for our dependable restoration and cabin staining services.

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Landscaping ellijay gaYour Ellijay home is a significant investment, and you want to make sure it's upkeep not only includes the interior but also the exterior. Call the house painting experts at Eldicel Painting and Staining for landscaping maintenance that will keep your home's exterior looking fabulous.

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Roofing ellijay gaYour Ellijay roof is an essential part of your home that needs regular attention and maintenance. So, when you need a roof repair or a roof inspection, reach out to the house painting pros at Eldicel Painting for all your roofing needs.

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Tree Service

Tree Service ellijay gaWhen you need tree trimming on your Ellijay property, just call the house painting crew at Eldicel Painting and Staining, and we’ll make sure your trees look great - and stay healthy.

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If you would like an estimate for any of our house painting services in Ellijay or the surrounding areas of North Georgia, please call 706-972-7717 or complete our online request form.

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